The Reluctant Enemy - US Paperback (Belanger Family Saga book 3)


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The only thing more dangerous than helping the enemy might be finding love…

When Lord Gregory Halston’s older brother is captured in Napoleonic France, Gregory devises a plan to free him. He’s rather good at making plans and following through with them. That’s one reason he’s the most sought-after man of business in London. The trouble is, his plan doesn’t quite go . . . as planned.

When Danielle Belanger happens upon a group of Englishmen camped secretly in the woods, she has every reason to turn her back on them. She could be tried as a traitor for helping them, and her brother is dead thanks to England’s terrifying navy. Yet something compels her to aid the band of needy men.

As they travel toward the coast, neither Danielle nor Gregory can stop the forbidden feelings swirling between them. But with war tearing their two countries apart, can two people with differing loyalties find a way to be together? 


*Previously published as Falling for the Enemy

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