How Does it Work?

Easy! First, secure a terrific deal by buying directly from Naomi. Next, click on the link Naomi will send you to your email account and access your books. And finally, chose the type of device you read on so that the ebooks can be sent directly to your ereader of choice!

Are these Digital or Physical Copies?

All copies sold at are digital copies. We provide both EPUB and MOBI files, so you can read on any modern digital device, including Kindle and Kindle apps.  In 2021, we will be expanding to paperback, hardcover, and large print options for each title, and we will also be adding some Naomi Rawlings merchandise.

Is There Sex or Language?

No. All of Naomi's books are free from graphic content, and all of her books are written from a Christian worldview. 

Should I read the books in order?

You can read the books in any order you want. Each novel contains it's own heartwarming, faith-centered love story. However, we recommend starting at the beginning of the Eagle Harbor Series and reading all the way through to the most recent Texas Promise novel. Some of the events that happen in the series build on each other, and events regarding the towns where the characters live or things that have happened in previous novels could be spoiled. You can find the recommended reading order here.


Is there a guarantee?

Absolutely. If you're unhappy for any reason, we're happy to offer a full refund. We take all the risk, so you can shop with confidence.


Is there a sale going on right now?

Probably. Naomi is passionate about offering high quality novels at prices that are affordable for her readers and fans, yet provide her and her employees a living wage. To make sure you know about the latest sale, sign up for my newsletter below.